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  • Are you able to perform activations remotely?
    Yes, a loaner tool is available within the United States. This will be shipped directly to you. You simply plug in the device and we will remotely connect to complete the programming.
  • Can the dealer enable these features?
    No, they are not given the tools to do so. The manufacturer (i.e. Land Rover) is in the business of selling new cars. They are use these features as highly profitable line items and incentives to get you into a NEW vehicle.
  • Will my changes be rollbacked during over the air updates or at the dealer?
    Software over the air (SOTA) updates will not roll back your changes. While it's technically possible for the dealer to roll back changes, this is not an occurence we have seen.
  • Will this void my warranty?
    We are following the OEM process for activating features. This isn't a crack, jail-break, or 3rd party software trick. Detection would be unlikely and only possible by the manufacturer. As with any change, there is risk and each owner needs to determine their comfort level with this process. We have not experienced nor heard of a single incident where detection has occurred.
  • What hardware do I need to enable features such as Adaptive Cruise Control?
    Your vehicle has all the hardware ALREADY to enable these feature. If hardware is required to retrofit any features, it will be cleared explained on the website.
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